Spectral Press and Tickety Boo Press…

Simon Marshall-Jones

Simon Marshall-Jones

… join forces to create this online ezine. We are still very much independent press’ but intend to make this a must read ezine every month.

I became friends with Simon, also known as “the Tatooed Head,” on Facebook and we chatted over a few months. I really admired what he was doing with Spectral.

I myself, a regular on SFF Chronicles, had always talked about my own publishing company and a few months ago I started work on Tickety Boo’s first book. Malevolence – Tales from Beyond the Veil which comes out in a couple of months.

SMJ is a relentless reviewer of Vintage Genre Films and we’ll have a section on this site completely dedicated to his ramblings. Check out the link above to view.

So when I suggested this mag he was an enthusiastic participant. We have lots of ideas so watch out. I think Simon will be along shortly with his thoughts.